AMB of Design’s luxury designer outdoor furniture and décor items allow you to spread out your home’s interior into an exquisite exterior space. We deal in only designer outdoor furniture that cater to one’s tastes for classics to contemporary exterior designs. We help you create your very individual haven to relax and unwind with our range of luxurious outdoor décor pieces. Read this blog for more evolved ideas and inspiration for your outdoor designs.

Why shop luxury outdoor furnishings online with us?

At AMB of Design, we aim to make an online destination for you that revives how homeowners explore and buy high-end furnishings. Shopping outdoor furniture and décor items, we understand how overwhelming it could be sometimes, but by hand-selecting only the finest exterior products could lessen the strains. AMB of Design makes your shopping for classic to contemporary outdoor furnishings hassle-free and truly enjoyable.

What we value the most

What we believe is your exterior space must tell a story of its own. Well, this simply defines how experienced and passionate we are about making your exterior space not only useful, but a place to compose yourself. Our selection of luxury designer outdoor is exclusive. We work with the United Kingdom’s finest brands and artisans to stock only the unique and trendy choices. Whether you are looking to buy designer outdoor daybeds or lighting, firepits or outdoor flooring, you get to shop only the unique that further epitomise your space. Timeless elegance is the secret sauce of AMB of Design products.

Here’s why you’d like to buy from us:

We are a trusted one-stop outdoor furniture store for thousands of customers across the UK, including residential and commercial sectors.

The highest quality outdoor furniture and accessories

We work along with the UK’s top-line furniture designers, such as Dedon, Pedrali, Vondom, Indorbase, Infralia and many of such rarest prodigies. For these designers are nationwide esteemed and valued, their works are certainly to be of the finest.

Personalised shopping experience

Unable to decide on one particular furniture? Let our team help you choose the right one personally. Yes, we do offer such an extensive assistance just for you.


We strongly believe in the saying: Change is the only constant. Our collections are never same as the last season. An upgraded inventory is always inspirational.

Hassle-free delivery

Once you are done shopping your favourite set of luxury designer outdoor furniture with us, it’ time for your items to arrive at your doorsteps. AMB of Design provides exclusive white glove delivery solutions for our valued customers, irrespective of any location within the UK.


We are partnered with the UK’s highly esteemed outdoor furniture and décor designers to curate our collection for you. Our collection focuses on turning your exterior space into a breathtaking place to unwind and party. Each of our products reflects innovation, excellence and superior quality. We bring to you the ultimate line of contemporary to classic furniture, including designer luxury outdoor sofas, kitchens, parasols, heaters, daybeds, firepits, bars and many more.

We certainly make a one-stop shop online for your luxury designer outdoor furniture needs.

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